We are able to sharpen all types of scissors. Prior to sharpening we carry out a detailed examination of your scissors to check for signs of wear or damage. We then disassemble the scissor and wash all the parts in alcohol to remove all traces of hair or other debris.

Sharpening is carried out on a diamond wheel, using a jig to ensure that the cutting edges are ground to precisely the correct angle. Unless you specify otherwise we will sharpen to a 35° included angle, which is standard for most hand scissors. For specialist applications we can sharpen to any angle. Please contact us for details.

Some hairdressers’ or groomers’ scissors have serrations on both blades. We are currently unable to re-create these serrations, so we will sharpen this type of scissor by grinding one blade to a normal straight profile and honing this edge. In our experience, this will restore cutting performance as good as the original double-serrated blade.

Following sharpening process the blades are cleaned again, lubricated using a special scissor oil and reassembled. The scissors are then ‘set’ and tested prior to being carefully packaged for return to you.

We are also able to supply and fit replacement finger rings and bump stops to restore your scissors to as new appearance, sharpness and feel.

Prices for scissor sharpening and servicing are shown on the prices page.

Should we receive any items for sharpening which are found to be damaged or excessively worn, we will contact you to advise of any additional costs before we carry out any remedial work.

Professional Sharpening Services in South Somerset