Repair Services

We offer a repair service for electrical items such as hairdresser’s or groomer’s clippers, horse clippers and small garden equipment such as mowers and strimmers.

We can replace damaged cables and (depending on the availability of spare parts) repair faults such as noisy motors or completely ‘dead’ items.

Equine clippers suffer from a build up of hair and other detritus which restricts cooling air flow and can result in overheating. The grease used to lubricate the bearings and gears also degrades and hardens over time and needs replacement (for example Lister recommend cleaning and re-greasing of their gears and drive mechanism every 100 hours of use). Motor brushes also wear and if not checked regularly and replaced if necessary can result in premature failure of the motor. We offer a ‘basic service’ for clippers which includes cleaning and checking of all moving parts, a full electrical check, lubrication and test. Prices can be found HERE.

Garden strimmers and lawn mowers often suffer from overheating due to build up of grass cuttings and other debris which impedes air flow around the motor. If left untreated this can then results in seizure of motor bearings. We offer a ‘sharpen and service’ facility for your mower or strimmer, which includes removing all deposits from the motor, lubricating the bearings, cleaning the fan, sharpening the blade and carrying out an electrical safety check.

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