Garden Tools

The term “garden tools” covers a huge range of items, and while we can sharpen pretty much anything, we can not list every possible combination of type and sizes of tools. We also offer repairs and servicing for small electric garden equipment such as mowers and strimmers. Please click here for more information.

The most common garden tools which require sharpening to provide good performance are:

  • Hedge-cutting shears
  • Mower blades
  • Pruning shears / secateurs
  • Tree loppers
  • Scythes / grass hooks etc.
Sharpening of rotary mower blades also includes balancing of the blade to avoid vibration. We are able to sharpen the fixed ‘bottom blade’ of cylinder mowers but we are not currently able to sharpen the moving cutter blades.
Unfortunately we are not currently able to sharpen chain saws, but please contact us if you have a significant requirement for this service.
Should we receive items for sharpening which are damaged or excessively worn, we will contact you to advise of any additional costs before we carry out any remedial work.

Professional Sharpening Services in South Somerset