We sharpen both fixed and removable clipper blades used for hairdressing and pet grooming, plus horse and veterinary clippers and agricultural shears. Removable blades can simply be sent to us and will be sharpened as below. Clippers with fixed blades should ideally be sent to us complete, as after sharpening they require careful reassembly to ensure that the fixed and moving blades are correctly aligned. We are happy to sharpen fixed blades when sent separately, but we cannot be responsible for the quality of cut given by the blade, as this is totally dependent on the reassembly process.

Clipper blades are first ground using a honing plate and abrasive powder. Blades with normal wear will be honed using 1000 grade carborundum powder, whereas damaged or badly worn blades may need a coarser grade to be used first.

Following machine honing, the blades are washed twice in alcohol to remove all abrasive materials and are oiled and reassembled, then adjusted and tested.

For specialist applications such as veterinary clippers, or pet clippers used for show grooming, a final hand honing can be carried out prior to reassembly using a Japanese waterstone to give a perfectly smooth, mirror finish to the cutting edges. This is a time-consuming process and an additional charge is made for this service.

Should we receive items for sharpening which are damaged or excessively worn we will contact you to advise of any additional costs before we carry out any remedial work.

Professional Sharpening Services in South Somerset