Diamond Sharp will be re-opening shortly, located in
Stoke-sub-Hamdon, near Yeovil, Somerset.
Please check back here or on our Facebook page for any updates.

We offer professional sharpening services to businesses and individuals. We specialise in the sharpening, maintenance and repair of:

  • Scissors and shears for hairdressers, pet groomers, tailors, upholsterers andĀ home users
  • Clippers and blades for hairdressers, pet and horse groomers and vets
  • Sheep and other livestock shears
  • Chef’s knives, kitchen and craft knives
  • Hand tools such as woodworking chisels, carving tools and garden equipment

If you don’t see your item listed, please phone or contact us with your enquiry.

We offer a mail orderĀ or drop-off and collect service, to ensure that you are without your equipment for the shortest possible time. To ensure that you get our best possible service please do call before sending or travelling to drop off your items.

Professional Sharpening Services in South Somerset